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Shakti Plastic Industries - EPR Registration and Compliance

Shakti Plastic Industries - EPR Registration and Compliance

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The Shakti Plastic Industries is an Eminent & Leading Service Provider for EPR of plastic waste epr registration

What is Extended Producer Responsibility?

Extended producer responsibility or EPR is a practice and a policy approach in which producers take responsibility for the management of the disposal and recycling of products they produce, once those products are longer useful by consumers. Responsibility for disposal may be financial, physical, or a combination of the two. The main aim of this policy is to dispose and recycle the waste in a proper way.


How to register for EPR?

The Shakti Plastic Industries is an Eminent & Leading Service Provider for EPR of plastic waste.  For EPR Registration or Extended Producer Responsibility for plastic waste.


EPR Registration Process:

  1. The process starts with registration at CPCB/SPCB by submission of relevant documents required by CPCB which mainly consist of an action plan, agreement, certificates, licenses, etc.

  2. The next step starts with the role of an authorized waste management agency to collect back the agreed volume of post-consumer plastic waste in a period of 1 year from the desired location and recycle or dispose of it safely as per CPCB/SPCB guidelines.

  3. The waste collection agency will present relevant documents for proof of waste collection activity

  4. On behalf of PIBOM’s agency will submit a quarterly report to CPCB.

  5. After completion of the activity, the final report will be submitted by the agency to PIBOM’s


Importance of EPR

Plastic waste causes critical damage to the environment if it is not managed properly in the correct way. Considering the increase in the use of plastic materials, there has been a significant rise in plastic waste in past few years. 


The plain interpretation of the Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016 illustrates the primary

responsibility for the collection of used multi-layered plastic sachets or pouches or packaging is of Producers (manufacturers, importers, and users(brand owners)), Importers, and Brand Owners who introduce the products in the market. They need to establish a system for collecting back the plastic waste generated due to their products.


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